Teachers With Apps Review: Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure

Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure: Storybook with Games, by Pinkerton Road, is an adorable doggy tale app that kids can’t seem to get enough of! Lola and Lucy leave the comforts of the Baxter home only to return realizing that they have always had an important job there. With options for both picture book or chapter book, they’ve got the reading levels covered so that it’s great fun for the whole family.

These two puckish English bulldogs embark on an exciting adventure across the USAlola+2 looking to find their purpose in life. Lucy is the smart one and Lola – ah well, she is just crazy! We witnessed first hand how much fun this app is, as the kids return to it again and again. They simply can’t get enough of these two endearing characters! The story also exposes children to the geography of the United Sates with an interactive map highlighting different destinations.

Children as well as adults are immediately brought into the story with it’s incredibly realistic collage like photo/illustrations and the surprises and wonderful interactions throughout will certainly keep them there. This book is so jammed packed with content that extended play time is necessary, so plan on that. This is not a quick read nor a book that bores, it’s pure innocent fun for all! Everything about this app is great and Lola and Lucy will bring delight, giggles and even the option to learn all about different dog breeds.

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Super Mommy to the Rescue Review: Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure for iPad

Recently my daughter and I had the chance to review Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure for iPad by Pinkerton Road.

Just looking at the picture above, aren’t Lola and Lucy the most gorgeous dogs you have ever seen. I love their curiosity and determination in this story.

Let me tell you a little about what Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure is all about. The two adorable bull dogs live with Baxter family in Vermont. One day they ran into a Australian Shepherd who tells them that if a dog doesn’t have a job then they are no dog at all. So Lola and Lucy are wondering what their job is. I don’t really want to tell you to much because you really need to read the story to find out. But the conversation with the Australian Shepperd is what begins their journey cross – country to seek out their purpose – only to find out they really are miles away from home and they miss their family.

I love the fresh and crisp graphics that make you feel like your right there in the story in real life. What I noticed was every page had some sort of interaction. Which when it comes to a 4 year old… she was amazed by all the stuff she could interact with. The sounds and the movement on the pages were really interesting.

One thing that really caught my attention when I was looking this over was that there is picture book version for the younger kids and a chapter book version for the older kids. I really love this feature because I have a 4 year old and a 11 year old. So I can use it with both of them.

There are 13 mini games in this storybook app. If you look above that is an example of one of them. The dogs are trying to follow the milk truck. Won’t tell you why you have to read it to find out :) My daughter and I didn’t unlock all of them but we did unlock most of them. So we have to go back through and figure out where we missed them.

Another things I really liked was there was a section in the app that you actually got to learn a few things on different dog breeds. I found that very interesting as well.

There is also three different modes as well: Read to Me, Read by Myself, and Autoplay. My daughter and I used the Read To Me version.

I love the fact that there is a interactive United States map that lets you revist landmarks on Lola and Lucy’s Journey.

My overall thought:

Lola and Lucy’s Journey is a heart warming story that takes them on a adventure of a life time.

Do I have your attention yet? Why not try it before you buy it. You can download Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure Lite Version for free. Right now Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure has a holiday sale and is $3.99 in the itunes store.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. I did receive a copy of Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure for my review. The opinions in this blog post are 100% mine.

Kirkus Reviews: Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure

Spectacular illustrations and digital diversions drive this sweet tale of two Vermont bulldogs in search of a purpose.

Having learned that dogs are supposed to have jobs and, from a peek online, that bulldogs were bred to hold bulls’ noses, Lucy and Lola embark on a cross-country quest. It takes them from Wall Street’s bronze bull to a dairy farm, South Dakota (in search of “Sitting Bull”), a western rodeo and other bullish locales—all of which are laid out on a retractable map of the United States. A laid-back California bull finally lets them take an anticlimactic grab (“His nose was cold, wet and not very exciting. ‘I guess it isn’t the same if the bull lets you,’ Lucy said”). He then clues them in before a happy closing reunion with their frantic human family: “A dog’s job is…to bring comfort and joy to the human heart.” The dogs’ wrinkled mugs steal the show in the photorealistic visuals, but the plethora of interactive elements aren’t far behind. Along with the map, a multi-entry encyclopedia of dog breeds, two paint boxes and 13 dexterity-based minigames, 286 animations or sound effects respond to screen taps (as an incentive to start over, readers are presented at the end with a tally of how many they found). Furthermore, the narrative is available in either “Picture Book” or “Chapter Book” versions, with optional audio readings and an auto-play option.

A doggy road trip with nary a dull moment…no bull. (free sampler in iTunes) (iPad storybook app. 5-9)

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Kids Book Review: Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure

Lucy and Lola are two lovely English Bulldogs who live with the Baxter family in Vermont, USA. They could not imagine wanting to do anything else but spend their days playing with Janie and Dale, the Baxter children, until one day at the park, an Australian Shepherd a tells them – “A dog without a job is no dog at all!”

The encounter leaves Lucy and Lola determined to find out what kind of dogs they are, and what their job is. Soon they discover that, as English Bulldogs, they are bred to help farmers by holding bulls by their nose. And so, Lucy and Lola embark on a cross-country quest to discover their destiny.

Along the way they meet a barrage of characters and have a number of adventures. This is where the true interactivity of this ebook is showcased. Each adventure combines an exciting mini game where the reader captures butterflies or chases Dobermans.
This story is wonderfully illustrated and Lucy and Lola are adorable, playful pups that stick together adventure through adventure, determined to complete their mission. The greatest appeal of the book is that it combines sound, colour and movement together with a heart-warming storyline that appeals to even the youngest of audiences.

The navigation is easy and intuitive. My three-year-old son was able to follow the story and steer through the application by himself. He loved to uncover the surprises and especially liked the noises the animals make.

The 29 interactive story screens will keep children entertained while they follow Lucy and Lola on their mission to find a bull, only to discover their true purpose in life is to be with and love their human family. This book is bound to be a success with readers of all ages as it provides the option of a narrated picture book and an on-screen text option for older self-readers.

I thoroughly enjoyed following the story. I loved watching my son interact with the pages and uncover surprises along the way.

This ebook is accessible through the iTunes app store. The first six pages can be downloaded for free and the entire book is available for $4.99. I highly recommend giving this book a go. It is a wonderful story of friendship, adventure and finding your way home.

Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure: A Kids Storybook with Games is released by Pinkerton Road and is available on iTunes for $4.99. Suitable for kids 4 and up.

The Passionate Librarian Reviews Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure

Based on my last experience with a paid eBook, I was somewhat reluctant to purchase another; however, Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure was available as a free sampler, so after testing the free version out on my daughter resulting in both of us falling in love with these two dogs, I made the $4.99 leap and purchased the full version.

Meet Lola & Lucy, four year old English Bulldogs who live with their owners in Vermont.  They are perfectly happy with their human siblings, Janie and Dale, Lola and Lucy never really thought about their purpose in life until they met Barney, the Australian Shepherd whose certainty in his own purpose made Lola and Lucy question theirs.  Upon returning home, Lucy borrowed Bill’s computer.  The two bulldogs find out that their breed was originally bred to help farmers with their bulls.  Determined to find a bull and discover their destiny, Lola and Lucy set out on an adventure to New York as this is where they believe that they will be able to find a bull.  On their way, they get help from a talented squirrel and an unsuspecting truck driver, following clue after clue, just missing the bull as he travels from farm to farm.  Finally a dog named, Trigger seems to understand what Lola and Lucy want and lead them right to a bull; unfortunately, this bull does not care about their quest to find their purpose and promptly scares them away.  Back on the road, they head for California and end up at farm where they meet, Old Jack, whose more than willing to have them experiment on him but more importantly shares some important wisdom with Lola and Lucy.  Finding a “lost” poster at the farm, Lola and Lucy catch a ride home in a milk truck with a renewed sense of purpose, to be with their human family.

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PadGadget Review – Join Two Adorable Bulldogs in Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure: A Kids Storybook with Games

Even though they love their cozy Vermont lifestyle, and their humans, English Bulldogs Lola and Lucy are called to discover their true job as dogs in Lola and Lucy’s Great Adventure: A Kids Storybook with Games. The pups cross-country adventure begins after they encounter Barney the Australian Shepherd, who is appalled that they don’t “work,” saying, “a dog without a job is no dog at all.”

The story is based on two real dogs with the same names who live on a Pennsylvania farm. The gorgeous, colorful paintings that comprise Lola and Lucy’s illustrations were inspired by photos of the real dogs.

Not only will kids love getting to know Lola and Lucy, but the story also teaches US geography with its included map, and introduces the concept of dogs having “jobs.” Lucy and Lola use the Internet to determine that their job is to help farmers wrangle bulls, and head to New York after reading a newspaper article about a “bull market.”

Readers may choose from “read to me,” “read to self,” and “autoplay” options. It’s easy to search, jump pages, or read about the real life Lola and Lucy. The reader can tap the red camera button to take a picture.

Download Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure: A Kids Storybook with Games from the App Store for free. Purchase the entire story from within the app for $3.99.

What I liked: Because the story includes both picture book and storybook text it is appropriate for a wide range of ages, plus some readers might choose to revisit the story as a chapter book when they are ready.

What I didn’t like: Nothing! This original story is not only funny and heart-warming, it also successfully integrates interactivity into the story without distracting the reader.

To buy or not to buy: The first six pages of Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure are free, so there’s no reason not to give this educational, fun story a try.

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Apps 4 Kids Review: Why we like this app?

Complex and multi-layered, this storybook will keep older kids entertained with lots of surprises and mini-games while they follow bulldogs Lucy and Lola on a cross-country trip. A stunning presentation with realistic photo-illustrations, menus and maps, it offers two reading modes as well as narration, so it goes from a picture book to a text book as the kids grow. The real Lucy and Lola, who modeled for the book, have their own Facebook page with pictures and backstories, which are sure to delight their young fans as they wait for more of the lovable dogs’ adventures.

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Alaskan Apple Users Review

A fun eBook that talks to you and makes you laugh, that’s the new eBook for iPad ` Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure. Two very cute bulldogs are crossing the USA in their adventure. The narration is easy to follow, and on many pages are cute little bits of magic animations that come alive by touching you iPad. They are planning on a Mac and PC version in the future.

For it’s 29 pages, which seems about right for this adventure, it includes cute mini games, some 14 of them. I liked using the chapter book version, but there’s also a Picture book version too with narration. Also the clever reading modes are: Read to Myself, Read to Me, which I liked the most, and Auto Play. I enjoyed it’s homespun approach, dogs that are friendly for any age. I think all would like it, and if you have kids or grandkids, even more… The interactive US map was much fun to use along the adventurous way.

Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure is a delightful interactive storybook by veteran game designer Jane Jensen and her husband, composer Robert Holmes. The real Lola and Lucy live with the couple on the Pinkerton Road farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

It’s free for the first 6 pages, then purchase the book, great way to make sure.

I read the eBook on my iPad, 1st generation, and it works even better on the later iPad versions.

Get it, you’ll enjoy it very much

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If you’ve heard of Kickstarter.com, the crowd funding website for creative projects spanning from indie films to video games to physical objects you can buy, it’s probably because of one of its two most popular projects to-date. The Pebble e-paper watch for iPhone and Android to date has amassed more than 10 million dollars, while a new adventure game from Double Fine, the studio created by one of the most important game designers in the world, Tim Schafer, has brought in $3.3 million.

In fact, Kickstarter has become the de facto place for game designers to help raise funds to create their games—often times, adventure games. Popular right now are games designed by creators who once worked at Sierra On-Line, the company behind such massive 1980s and 1990s hits such as King’s Quest, Space Quest and more. (Full confession, I’m an admitted Sierra fanboy.)

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