New York Post: Legendary Game Designer Jane Jensen on the Gabriel Knight Franchise, Kickstarter for Video Games and the Future of Adventure Games

If you’ve heard of, the crowd funding website for creative projects spanning from indie films to video games to physical objects you can buy, it’s probably because of one of its two most popular projects to-date. The Pebble e-paper watch for iPhone and Android to date has amassed more than 10 million dollars, while a new adventure game from Double Fine, the studio created by one of the most important game designers in the world, Tim Schafer, has brought in $3.3 million.

In fact, Kickstarter has become the de facto place for game designers to help raise funds to create their games—often times, adventure games. Popular right now are games designed by creators who once worked at Sierra On-Line, the company behind such massive 1980s and 1990s hits such as King’s Quest, Space Quest and more. (Full confession, I’m an admitted Sierra fanboy.)

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