PadGadget Review – Join Two Adorable Bulldogs in Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure: A Kids Storybook with Games

Even though they love their cozy Vermont lifestyle, and their humans, English Bulldogs Lola and Lucy are called to discover their true job as dogs in Lola and Lucy’s Great Adventure: A Kids Storybook with Games. The pups cross-country adventure begins after they encounter Barney the Australian Shepherd, who is appalled that they don’t “work,” saying, “a dog without a job is no dog at all.”

The story is based on two real dogs with the same names who live on a Pennsylvania farm. The gorgeous, colorful paintings that comprise Lola and Lucy’s illustrations were inspired by photos of the real dogs.

Not only will kids love getting to know Lola and Lucy, but the story also teaches US geography with its included map, and introduces the concept of dogs having “jobs.” Lucy and Lola use the Internet to determine that their job is to help farmers wrangle bulls, and head to New York after reading a newspaper article about a “bull market.”

Readers may choose from “read to me,” “read to self,” and “autoplay” options. It’s easy to search, jump pages, or read about the real life Lola and Lucy. The reader can tap the red camera button to take a picture.

Download Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure: A Kids Storybook with Games from the App Store for free. Purchase the entire story from within the app for $3.99.

What I liked: Because the story includes both picture book and storybook text it is appropriate for a wide range of ages, plus some readers might choose to revisit the story as a chapter book when they are ready.

What I didn’t like: Nothing! This original story is not only funny and heart-warming, it also successfully integrates interactivity into the story without distracting the reader.

To buy or not to buy: The first six pages of Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure are free, so there’s no reason not to give this educational, fun story a try.

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