Super Mommy to the Rescue Review: Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure for iPad

Recently my daughter and I had the chance to review Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure for iPad by Pinkerton Road.

Just looking at the picture above, aren’t Lola and Lucy the most gorgeous dogs you have ever seen. I love their curiosity and determination in this story.

Let me tell you a little about what Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure is all about. The two adorable bull dogs live with Baxter family in Vermont. One day they ran into a Australian Shepherd who tells them that if a dog doesn’t have a job then they are no dog at all. So Lola and Lucy are wondering what their job is. I don’t really want to tell you to much because you really need to read the story to find out. But the conversation with the Australian Shepperd is what begins their journey cross – country to seek out their purpose – only to find out they really are miles away from home and they miss their family.

I love the fresh and crisp graphics that make you feel like your right there in the story in real life. What I noticed was every page had some sort of interaction. Which when it comes to a 4 year old… she was amazed by all the stuff she could interact with. The sounds and the movement on the pages were really interesting.

One thing that really caught my attention when I was looking this over was that there is picture book version for the younger kids and a chapter book version for the older kids. I really love this feature because I have a 4 year old and a 11 year old. So I can use it with both of them.

There are 13 mini games in this storybook app. If you look above that is an example of one of them. The dogs are trying to follow the milk truck. Won’t tell you why you have to read it to find out :) My daughter and I didn’t unlock all of them but we did unlock most of them. So we have to go back through and figure out where we missed them.

Another things I really liked was there was a section in the app that you actually got to learn a few things on different dog breeds. I found that very interesting as well.

There is also three different modes as well: Read to Me, Read by Myself, and Autoplay. My daughter and I used the Read To Me version.

I love the fact that there is a interactive United States map that lets you revist landmarks on Lola and Lucy’s Journey.

My overall thought:

Lola and Lucy’s Journey is a heart warming story that takes them on a adventure of a life time.

Do I have your attention yet? Why not try it before you buy it. You can download Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure Lite Version for free. Right now Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure has a holiday sale and is $3.99 in the itunes store.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. I did receive a copy of Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure for my review. The opinions in this blog post are 100% mine.