Teachers With Apps Review: Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure

Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure: Storybook with Games, by Pinkerton Road, is an adorable doggy tale app that kids can’t seem to get enough of! Lola and Lucy leave the comforts of the Baxter home only to return realizing that they have always had an important job there. With options for both picture book or chapter book, they’ve got the reading levels covered so that it’s great fun for the whole family.

These two puckish English bulldogs embark on an exciting adventure across the USAlola+2 looking to find their purpose in life. Lucy is the smart one and Lola – ah well, she is just crazy! We witnessed first hand how much fun this app is, as the kids return to it again and again. They simply can’t get enough of these two endearing characters! The story also exposes children to the geography of the United Sates with an interactive map highlighting different destinations.

Children as well as adults are immediately brought into the story with it’s incredibly realistic collage like photo/illustrations and the surprises and wonderful interactions throughout will certainly keep them there. This book is so jammed packed with content that extended play time is necessary, so plan on that. This is not a quick read nor a book that bores, it’s pure innocent fun for all! Everything about this app is great and Lola and Lucy will bring delight, giggles and even the option to learn all about different dog breeds.

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